Our guests were greeted by a table of wedding goodies

2016-09-12 11:29

Our ceremony was easily the most important part of our wedding day. Therefore, I feel that every detail that went into making our ceremony deserves to highlighted here.

First is our ceremony location. Our ceremony was held at Mackinaw Valley Vineyard, and although it wasn’t our first choice for our ceremony, I was so happy with our decision to get married there.

And here’s the view looking from the wedding gazebo toward where we would be processing and the wine-tasting room.

Our guests were greeted by a table of wedding goodies, beautifully set up by our coordinators.

The welcome table included an array of vintage hankies, for our guests’ tears of joy. These were one of the projects I added to my to-do list just a few weeks before our wedding. Luckily, it wasn’t a time-intensive project (wash, iron, and tied them with twine), and I loved seeing people actually use them!

I decided to go with ribbon wands with bells attached as our send-off item, even though I never saw them used, including no photographic evidence. My mom claims people waived them, but without photos to prove it, I still doubt they were actually used. I’m glad I made them nonetheless, I just wish they were more appreciated.

Another labor of love was our programs. I thought about doing an entire post on them because they were so simple, yet they contained so much. They included eight pages, had a vellum cover with our wedding quote on the front and back, and were tied together with twine. They took a long time to put together, but I loved the final version!

Seeing as we were married at a winery, we decided early on that a wine-box ceremony should be included in our wedding, which I will discuss more in our ceremony post. Mr. Pony made the box completely by hand using wood from his dad’s property near where he grew up. We chose a French Bordeaux as a nod to our first date at a French restaurant and a reminder of how our relationship blossomed.

You’ll notice that our ceremony decorations were quite sparse. This was partly because I’m cheap and didn’t want to spend a bunch of money to decorate a space that our guests would see for half an hour. It’s also partly because we wanted our ceremony to as natural as possible—well, as natural as a concrete slab, gazebo, and man-made pond can look. But, last minute, I decided to buy some red mums that we could plant in the many milk-glass pieces we had collected.

Other blooms that were an important part of our ceremony included those carried and worn by our family and wedding party,  昨日. Our ushers wore boutonnieres of green hypericum berries and some unknown pink flower.

Photo by BM M

The guys’ boutonnieres were a mix of trix carnations (I loved these fun, fluffy flowers) and hypericum berries.

Photo by BM M

Mr. Pony’s boutonniere was a red rose and a succulent, my favorite plant while wedding planning.

Mama Pony and MIL Pony had matching corsages with red roses, trix carnations, and green hypericum berries.

Personal photo

I’ve shown you the bridesmaids’ bouquets before, but I’m so happy with how they turned out, I’ll show them off again. They included trix carnations (what else?), green spider mums, green cushion mums, hypericum berries,香港马会排位表, succulents, and Brussels sprouts.

Photo by BM M

Finally, my bouquet included red roses, burgundy dahlias, and red ranunculus.

What was your favorite detail from your ceremony?

All photos by the wonderfully talented Jamie Grant Photography unless otherwise noted

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